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KP Solutions offer experienced programming service under Windows environment. We provide high quality structured programming in C, C++ and NPL to achieve exceptional results.

Data Base Development

KP Solutions offer development of databases for stand alone and networked solutions. We use Object Oriented development technique and tools to achieve best solutions under Windows. We also have experience in developing and expanding existing databases under DOS.

The programs and databases development process involves free initial meeting and outline of specification.

This is followed by the preparation of a detailed specification which includes data structures, data relationship and functionality. It also contains description of the user interface, including input screens and functions.

The production of software is closely monitored and regular briefing and discussions with the customer assure that the product satisfies the customer’s needs.

Finally, a series of tests on the final product assures that the standards are met.

The product is guaranteed to perform to specification. Support and training could be provided to the level required by the customer.

ProgrammingData Base DevelopmentSupport

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